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About the Boot Camp

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Does your insurance agency use Google, Twitter and YouTube to the maximum extent possible? Do you know exactly what functions should be on your website? If you answered no or even maybe, this seminar is for you and everyone who needs to increase their knowledge of the Internet and how to take advantage of all of its uses!

This is a true hands-on, active learning experience. You have to bring a computer with WiFi connectivity, the facility will have wireless internet access. With your computer, you will be able to follow along while each item is being discussed. When you leave this class, you will have actually completed the following tasks so you will be able to continue doing them when you get back to your office:

  • Listed your agency in Google Local Business.
  • Learned about Google Adwords and Adsense. Find out how and if you should use them for your agency.
  • Learned exactly how to use Twitter to build your business.
  • Created and uploaded your first YouTube video and embedded that video into your blog.
  • Learned exactly what functions need to be on your agency website (it’s about what your actual customers want).
  • Learned how to create an online and offline business sales and marketing plan for your agency.
  • Learned how Google and other search engines find you.
  • Learned how to create a Google Gmail account for yourself.
  • Learned how to understand your online competition and exactly how to move above them in search results.
  • Tracked your online reputation and your competition with Google Reader and Alerts.
  • Learned how to comment on other blogs to build your web presence and your business.
  • Learned how to use Facebook advertising to attract prospects to your agency.
  • Learned how to measure and adjust to be sure you are reaching your goals.

In addition to a laptop or netbook, you will also need to bring some type of video camera – a Flip Video or digital camera with the ability to record video – or something similar. You also need to begin thinking about a name for your blog.