Columbia, South Carolina–June 9, 2011, Completed

Columbia South Carolina

The primary goal of the Agency Internet Boot Camp is for the participant to actually do things! This hands-on, how-to experience, held at the Columbia Conference Center, provides participants with the know-how to extend the agency’s physical office to include an Internet presence that allows prospects and customers to access your agency 24/7 online.

By learning to effectively implement Internet-based marketing, sales and service tools your prospects and clients can get the same things done with you online, as they can now get done by coming to your physical office or calling you on the phone.

Learn why it’s important for your firm to tap into this new world of potential, and come away with keys to effectively managing the process.

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  1. Hope Cross says:

    The Boot Camp was great! To begin with we were with Steve and Duke, and a great group of people in similar situations. The facility was nice and we all had a good Internet connection and power for our laptops or tablets. Then Steve and Duke led us through a great deal of content that we could touch, see, and talk about.

    For me, there were many revelations about how technology and social media are evolving. I’ve been living and working in it, and intellectually knew some of where the future is going, but Steve and Duke gave detail on where they see us, the independent agent, in the next year and beyond. It gave me a better focus on what I need to work on. We have actionable items and it’s up to us to implement them or get someone to implement them for us.

    I would definitely recommend the boot camp! I’ve always gravitated toward and thoroughly enjoyed anything Steve was involved in and now he’s added Duke to his team and they really complement each other.

    I hope they come back to Columbia, SC! We had a great group of people. The networking was fantastic as always. I am sure it was a benefit to all who attended.

    Thank you, Steve and Duke!

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