Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh area) June 28, 2011, Completed

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

The primary goal of the Agency Internet Boot Camp is for the participant to actually do things! This hands-on, how-to experience, held at Regional Learning Alliance, provides participants with the know-how to extend the agency’s physical office to include an Internet presence that allows prospects and customers to access your agency 24/7 online.

By learning to effectively implement Internet-based marketing, sales and service tools your prospects and clients can get the same things done with you online, as they can now get done by coming to your physical office or calling you on the phone.

Learn why it’s important for your firm to tap into this new world of potential, and come away with keys to effectively managing the process.

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  1. Becky Baker says:

    What did I like about Agency Internet Boot Camp? What’s not to like about it? The day was packed full of information, insights, shared experiences from other attendees, examples of what to do and what not to do. The hands-on aspect keeps you engaged through the mountains of information. There’s a definite ROI, and you leave with an action plan in place.

  2. Mike M says:

    I thought the class was great. I left there with a lot of things running through my head. Thankfully, you sent us the slide show link so I could organize my thoughts. I would suggest that every insurance agency should have someone go to this class, but I hope they don’t so I have the advantage. Thanks again for the great class.

  3. Lindsey Criswell says:

    I thought the class was fabulous. We took away so much important information that will help our agency expand. However, I think that some of the information was thrown at us without much explanation due to the time constraint. I don’t know if it’s a possibility, but I believe that the boot camp could be even more effective for the attendees if it were split up into two days. I was still able to take away the important information, but had it been longer we would have benefited even more from all your great information. All in all it was a wonderful afternoon and I hope to attend another one in the near future.

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