Durham, North Carolina–June 8, 2011, Completed

Durham North Carolina

The primary goal of the Agency Internet Boot Camp is for the participant to actually do things! This hands-on, how-to experience, held at the IIANC offices, provides participants with the know-how to extend the agency’s physical office to include an Internet presence that allows prospects and customers to access your agency 24/7 online.

By learning to effectively implement Internet-based marketing, sales and service tools your prospects and clients can get the same things done with you online, as they can now get done by coming to your physical office or calling you on the phone.

Learn why it’s important for your firm to tap into this new world of potential, and come away with keys to effectively managing the process.

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  1. Pat Murphy says:

    Great class! I really like that you started with the big picture to give us some perspective and understanding of the way social media functions. And then you narrrowed the focus all the way down to some very helpful details. I also liked the way the two presenters went back and forth as it kept things lively.

  2. Bob Keiger says:

    Steve and Duke – I thought it was a terrific class. Start to finish was packed with most useful information. The logic and flow of the presentation was especially good. We will be taking a first step to looking at segregating parts of our business and setting up either separate landing pages or websites for each – e.g. personal lines, workplace safety and wellness to start. It really makes sense to dedicate a spot for each – it will make sure we understand what works for each individually. Also – went into the Thompson Group more – and you probably already found this but have you seen nakedinsurance.net? Thanks for a great day. Bob

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