Frankfort, Kentucky-August 30, 2011

Frankfort Kentucky downtown

The primary goal of the Agency Internet Boot Camp is for the participant to actually do things! This hands-on, how-to experience, held at the Kentucky Broadcaster’s Association, provides participants with the know-how to extend the agency’s physical office to include an Internet presence that allows prospects and customers to access your agency 24/7 online.

By learning to effectively implement Internet-based marketing, sales and service tools your prospects and clients can get the same things done with you online, as they can now get done by coming to your physical office or calling you on the phone.

Learn why it’s important for your firm to tap into this new world of potential, and come away with keys to effectively managing the process.

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  1. Jason Kroggel says:

    The bootcamp is great! Before, I was stumbling around social media with no clear idea of what to do. Now I have the tools needed to create a clear strategy of what will work.

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