I really liked that the class was a whole learning approach as to why an online presence is necessary and what it can do for your business — beyond just talking about the technical side.

The segments on advertising were helpful as well. I have been curious about the results of advertising with Google/FB. Sounds like it really comes down to how much time you are willing to invest in the process.

Incorporating the information about mobile was great — I’ve been reading quite a bit recently because of the app we have been working on.

Very worth it and would definitely recommend it.
Katie Hobson, Kansas Association of Insurance Agents

Great class! I really like that you started with the big picture to give us some perspective and understanding of the way social media functions. And then you narrrowed the focus all the way down to some very helpful details. I also liked the way the two presenters went back and forth as it kept things lively.
Pat Murphy, Lawyers Insurance

Steve and Duke – I thought it was a terrific class. Start to finish was packed with most useful information. The logic and flow of the presentation was especially good. We will be taking a first step to looking at segregating parts of our business and setting up either separate landing pages or websites for each – e.g. personal lines, workplace safety and wellness to start. It really makes sense to dedicate a spot for each – it will make sure we understand what works for each individually. Thanks for a great day.
Bob Keiger, Rosenfeld Einstein

The Boot Camp was great! To begin with we were with Steve and Duke, and a great group of people in similar situations. The facility was nice and we all had a good Internet connection and power for our laptops or tablets. Then Steve and Duke led us through a great deal of content that we could touch, see, and talk about.

For me, there were many revelations about how technology and social media are evolving. I’ve been living and working in it, and intellectually knew some of where the future is going, but Steve and Duke gave detail on where they see us, the independent agent, in the next year and beyond. It gave me a better focus on what I need to work on. We have actionable items and it’s up to us to implement them or get someone to implement them for us.

I would definitely recommend the boot camp! I’ve always gravitated toward and thoroughly enjoyed anything Steve was involved in and now he’s added Duke to his team and they really complement each other.

I hope they come back to Columbia, SC! We had a great group of people. The networking was fantastic as always. I am sure it was a benefit to all who attended.

Thank you, Steve and Duke!
Hope Cross, George B. Bailey Agency

What did I like about Agency Internet Boot Camp? What’s not to like about it? The day was packed full of information, insights, shared experiences from other attendees, examples of what to do and what not to do. The hands-on aspect keeps you engaged through the mountains of information. There’s a definite ROI, and you leave with an action plan in place.
Becky Baker, Seubert & Associates

I thought the class was great. I left there with a lot of things running through my head. Thankfully, you sent us the slide show link so I could organize my thoughts. I would suggest that every insurance agency should have someone go to this class, but I hope they don’t so I have the advantage. Thanks again for the great class.
Mike, McGroarty and Bradburn Insurance

Very informative seminar!
Understanding and implementing the tools that our customers use as their way to communicate and do business with us… is a priority! Thank you for all the very helpful and useful tips.
Ann Marie Trapasso, Halstead Insurance

What a great experience. Steve and Duke really have put together a powerful presentation on how our customers use technology and the impact it has on our industry. I highly recommend taking this class. Before the class most of the social media platforms were intimidating to me. Now I have a positive outlook and have already incorporated some of them into our agency. Two thumbs up!
Mike Santoro, EM Freedman Insurance Agency Inc.

Great! Every agent should take this seminar to learn how to adapt to the changing digital world.
Timothy LaRovere, Larovere Insurance Agency

A lot of good information that covered a wide range of issues and topics with enough detail for us to be able to take action. What I liked best is that it was helpful not only for brand new users, but also had enough detail for those who have already made some steps into social media and online marketing to help us get to the next level.
Wayne Texeira, Murphy Insurance Agency

Nuts and Bolts of Social Media. Look forward to implementing within agency. Going to take it one step at a time. Great program!!
Henry Powers, Valley Insurance Agency Alliance, LLC

Thank you very much for all the helpful info! I really think that this class will be a huge help in keeping our agency up to date on communication with clients and potential clients.
Max Meckem, United Insurors

Great Class, a bit overwhelmed with the amount of content and looking forward to receiving follow-up information.
Mark Hendrix, Insurance Store Inc.

Thanks guys, I really enjoyed the presentation. It is a lot of information to digest but I do believe it is worth it. I am looking forward to receiving all of the documents and presentation information.
Chris Meckem, United Insurors

I appreciated the information in the boot camp. We hope to have one in Kansas soon!
Lyle Davidson, The Davidson Agency

The Agency Internet Bootcamp is a must for any agency wanting to take advantage of the largest marketing tool to date, The Internet! Steve and Duke were extremely knowledgeable and hands on! My favorite part of the bootcamp was that the information was presented in a “how to” manner rather than just simply going over information. Thanks again!!
Wes Moorefield, Bankers Insurance, LLC

Flew in from Indiana for the Richmond Boot Camp and it was well worth it!!! Steve and Duke did a GREAT job keeping the information flowing and I was able to take back to our agency a mountain of information to help us with our social networking and website presence. I’m planning to attend the Lansing, MI camp in April just to brush up on what I learned in Richmond and see what’s changed in the interim. Thank you Steve and Duke!!
Sandy Menne, General Insurance Services, Inc.

Steve and Duke complemented each other well, and I felt confident that I was in the hands of some true social media masters. Great information, in-depth and useful… Steve and Duke know their stuff!!
Jolene, PIA

A LOT of great stuff – reinforces the areas that I need to focus on and which ones can wait. The reference material will be a great guide as I work thru the process and learn how to make better use of the internet tools available to agencies today. The time savings alone should more than pay for the registration and day out of the office.
John, Parsons & Associates, Inc.

Attending the boot camp made me realize how many useful programs are out there on the Web….for free!

Jose L Miraya, CIC, LUTCF, Advantage Insurance Agency

I was unable to attend the first boot camp but I can tell that everyone who attended is light-years ahead of most agency principals in their understanding of how to integrate Internet Marketing into their agency operation.

I plan to attend the second Agency Boot Camp and highly recommend it to everyone in the insurance industry! I hope to see y’all there.

Eddie K. Emmett, Editor / Publisher, FYI Express

I thought the meeting was great. I plan on meeting with my technical employees and brainstorming about all the things we talked about. When I say technical employees, I mean people that know how to turn a computer on and off. I will probably have more questions after we meet. Whatever it takes, lets have at least three more meetings.

Rick Pegram, Founder of Pegram Agencies and Superior Agencies